W.I.N.'s Causes

When It's Natural's Founder is also the Founder of Heart On The Mend, Inc. An organization providing training and prevention education to organizations, faith-based leaders and community members on the issues of domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Oreadea is a survivor and saw the need for education, awareness and training.  She made history in 2004, being recognized by former Senator Gloria Lawlah, as the first in the southern region of her county to have an event to raise domesitc violence awareness.  She speaks to the youth and battared woman about her experience as a former battered wife and the importance of ridding oneself of guilt-filled thoughts that there was something that they did to deserve abuse.  She encourages every audience, especially, the youth audiences to love themselves enough to not accept anyone who belittles their existance.  

Heart On The Mend, Inc. HTM is multi-faceted to optimize services and programs for organizations. No form of abuse is clear cut. There are emotional, physical and life changing consequences that come with being a victim of domestic violence, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

HTM is dedicated to support for male and female victims, ending systemic mixups in the judiciary system and closing educational and training gaps.

For each product sold by When It's Natural a portion is given to the continued efforts and work of Heart On The Mend, Inc.