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I want to encourage you, because, you must understand that you are valuable. Everyone was born for and with a purpose that can enrich the world. Every individual is born equipped with the tools and gifts that were meant just for him or her.  If you just listen to your heart, you will know your purpose. Somewhere, in our lifetime something happens where doubt sets in and the vision seems too distant to reach. However, the distance is only the perception that is self-created. If the vision is your purpose than it is right at your finger tips. Trust yourself to reach out and grab it. Staying true to yourself is vital to knowing your worth in this world.

When It's Natural does not focus on nor is it intended to be a term for "Natural Hair."  In the beginning great attention was given to natural hair.  However, we simply want to promote healthy hair, no matter chemically treated or not.  W.I.N. products were created with the idea of encouraging people to embrace their natural gifts, talents and strengths.  If we do this, so many wonderful things will begin to happen and we will make our mark, not just for selling products, but, inspiring others.  

Your natural gifts will open doors for you that no one will be able to shut.  When I began to share my poetry, I never thought about it touching others.  It was just something that I discovered that I loved as a child.  Later in life, I was honored to compose tributes for various people and organizations. Your gifts can open doors that will give you freedom to do what you love.

Don't program yourself to need validation from others outside of your heart and never feel unworthy. If God has made the wonderful decison to give you life, you are worthy. Put your hand to your chest and feel your heart beat, put your hand to your lips and feel your breath. This alone tells you that there is purpose and a destiny before you. You must step into it, standing in the full belief that your life's dreams will be your reality, it has your DNA.

I completed my first book, "Focus While You Dream." 

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Oreadea speaks to various organizations on the topics of Personal Growth, Using Your Gifts To Know Your Purpose, and Why Self-Love Trumps Self-Doubt. She often says, "The sky is the limit, if you make it the limit.”  

As an advocate, she is formidable in her effort to train organizations on abuse to help them understand how to assist victims.

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