About Us

As a curator of handmade Ayurvedic hair and body products, Oreadea Treadwell, founder of When It's Natural has seen and heard so much from men and women regarding hair and skin issues. Oreadea founded When It's Natural in 2014. While she had a rocky relationship with perms, she began extensive research on going chemical free (natural). Ultimately, it was an adverse scalp reaction to perm that sealed the deal prompting the start of the transition. During this time, she purchased a plethora of hair products, which proved to be filled with ingredients that were not natural or quality. Oreadea yearned for natural ingredients that promoted growth, strength, thickness, and an overall thriving healthy hair environment. 


When It's Natural's products are made to be results-reliable and to focus on healthy hair and scalp regardless of whether natural or processed hair. With a background in community development and communications, she is dedicated to listening to her community of kings and queens. Listening allows her to know the remedy to help. She helps men and women address issues of thinning, balding, breakage, and scalp issues. Each person is unique with their own story and personal feelings about their experiences. Oreadea brings individualized care and attention to each client/customer and product. 


Our Mission determines our products. It is not enough to offer hair products. Our need is to ensure satisfaction and desired results while providing safe, natural, and healthy Ayurvedic solutions. As customers/clients began to share skin issue stories, we expanded to skincare. We understand that hair and skin are parts of the body that many pamper, wish to maintain, and seek to soften, moisturize and heal. We focus on healthy hair, not on if the hair is relaxed or not. For skin, customers/clients experience extreme dryness, blotches, acne, and forms of dermatitis. Our natural ingredients are researched and beta-tested. In case you are wondering, we absolutely test out our products. It is important to us that each customer/client feel safe and supported when it comes to using When It's Natural products. Not only do we hear you, we know how you feel. We have experienced some of the same issues you have. We want you to know, you are heard, we intend to keep listening and meeting your needs.