• The Beauty of Hair

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The Beauty of Hair

All Natural Ingredients

Our Ingredients

After Using When It's Natural's Products

Protective Styles Need Nourishment Too

Hair That Is Within A Protective Style, If Extensions Are Used Or Not Need To Be Fed Good Ingredients. Try Our JoyLou's Nutrient Shine Oil.

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I love the Pineapple Twist/Braid Butter. It gave my hair softness and a good hold to my style.  It smells just like pineapple.



I tried the olive and mango edge revitalizer oil and it worked.  I had been using perm on my edges and it thinned them really bad.  A friend told me about this oil. I started using it and I got my edges really started coming back in!!!!!!!!!

Beverly S.


Here is a plug. I have been using When It's Natural's Pineapple Twist and Braid Butter for my twists and it keeps it feeling so good. My hair stays moisturized. My go to.  Love this stuff. 

Nee Nee


I ordered nature's kiss butter.  I have eczema so I don't use just anything on my skin. Honey, one word awesome.  

Tiffany L


Love ya'll thank you for making good products


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Hair Moisture Unlocked Ebook

We know the frustration of trying to achieve and retain hair moisture. So, let us tell you how. You will get: ~Hydration vs. Moisture ~Porosity and Why It Matters ~Moisture Process For Any Hair Texture ~Hair Myths That Will Surprise You ~Free Bonus Let's take the frustration out of the process, shall we..